Tenacious, with a nomadic spirit. Vibrant, self-assured, and unafraid. Like the sting of rubber on tar, a lust for adventure is ignited, the exotic aroma bursts; notes of amber, woody undertones an ode to home, however far away. Musk and vanilla reminiscent of the open road, endless possibilities as day drifts into the crisp abyss of night.


Cedarwood Oil Virginia Botanical
Patchouli Oil Botanical
Olibanum Extract Constituent of Resinous Oils from trees of

Boswellia Genus.

Guaiacwood Extract Constituent of Guaiac Wood
Labdanum Oil & Extract Botanical & naturally derived.
Allspice Oil

Constituent of Clove Oil, Cinnamon Leaf Oil, and Basil Oil.

Anise Oil Naturally derived.


Unisex fragrance with the below notes:

Explosions of Spices, Intense Labdanum, Incense & Oil of Cannabis

Patchouli Leaves & Woody Notes

Amber, Guaiacwood, Vanilla Pods & White Musk




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50ml, 10ml


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