Mexican Tin Nicho – The Virgin Mary


A Mexican tin nicho is a small, colorful, and intricately designed shrine or shadow box that is commonly used in Mexican folk art to display religious icons or images of saints. These nichos are typically made of tin and adorned with brightly colored paint, glitter, and other embellishments. They often feature intricate designs and patterns, such as flowers, hearts, and religious symbols. The tin nicho is a beloved tradition in Mexican culture, as it serves as a way to honor and pay tribute to loved ones, saints, and other figures of importance. These nichos are commonly displayed in homes, churches, and at religious festivals, adding a touch of beauty and reverence to any space they occupy.


Dimensions: H21cm x W14cm x D2cm

These have a hook at the back to enable them to be wall hung. Each piece is slightly different to the next in its colouring. They can be opened to put a small keepsake inside.

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