Boujad Rug – ‘Telena’


A small space rug can be a perfect addition to any room, adding a pop of colour and texture to your decor. Whether you choose a bold pattern or a simple design, a small rug can help define a space and create a cozy atmosphere. Perfect for apartments, bedrooms, bathrooms. or small living areas, a small space rug is a versatile and practical decor piece that can easily be moved or replaced to change up the look of a room. With endless options available, you can find the perfect small rug to suit your style and space.


size: 155cm x 100cm
Name: Telena
Region: Boujad
Estimated age: Newly Made
Pile Height: Medium
Material: 100% hand-spun wool | vegetable dyed
Weave Type: Hand Weaved
Colour Detail; Ivory, Chocolate, Charlotte, Yellow

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