Luxury Sparkle Candles




Experience a combination of two of the finest things in life. Luxury Sparkle candles are made from original champagne and wine bottles. The bottles come directly from each champagne house and winery and are transformed into superior soy blended non-toxic candles in Grasse, the parfum capital of the world.


Originating from the Champagne region of France, this scented candle will fill your space with beautiful fragrance and create a wonderful ambience. Handmade and poured in Grasse, the parfum capital of the world with all natural and luxurious ingredients.

  • Pure natural wax
  • Pure cotton wick
  • 300g wax weight
  • Scented with original parfum
  • Chérie – Exquisite blended fragrance of jasmine & fleur de tiaré
  • Approximately 70 hour burn time
  • Candle size 11cm x 9cm
  • Beautiful luxurious high quality box
  • Comes with a high quality gold lid to protect your candle. The final touch to complete our signature candles

The beautiful high quality lead-free and polished lid will protect the superior wax from dust settling on your candle surface which can cause burn problems and a dulling of the scent. You can use the lid to extinguish the flame ensuring a clean finish to the burning of your candle.


Please note, this collection of candles is only in the one fragrance.


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Candle Design

Jean Michel Bouchet, Colard Picard Cuvee des Marveilles, Collard Picard Cuvee Dom Picard, Cristien Senez Brut Rose, Jean Michel Bouchet Brut Rose, Jean Michel Bouchet Tradition