Boujad Rug – Taskin


The beautiful Taskin, meaning overflowing, is a joy to see. She is simply overflowing with beautiful Boujad design. A centre piece filled with earthy peach features highlights of light blue. These highlights are accentuated by the blue in the outside border. There are hints of yellow, pops of purple and deep red-pink. All this beauty is set against a light beige background. She is the perfect rug for summer styling.

A very large piece, she will be perfect for your main living room or under your dining table.

Dimensions: 340cm x 165cm


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Boujad rugs come from a small region in Haouz and are hand woven by local women. Often made of strong bold colours featuring motifs used to tell tales of fertility, rural life, marriage and spiritual beliefs. Each rug is individual in it’s design and story.

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