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Authentic Indian Cow Bell


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Just arrived! Authentic vintage wooden cow bells. Handmade in India – each one is unique, some with intricate carvings, and all displaying lines and scars from history and age.

These add an organic and rustic feel to your home and look divine clustered together, or paired with other vintage or raw items, can also bring a sense of warmth and soul to a modern interior.

Come with a high quality thick twine for hanging.

Please use our drop down menu to see individual measurements and to choose your bell.

Indian Mirrors Large


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These delightful Indian Mirrors are framed in dark teak. Their arched shape is the central feature of the piece and the richly coloured wood shows the grain and age of the timber.

Used individually or clustered together, they make a great feature piece for the wall in any room in the home.

Each mirror is unique in shape and markings with no two the same. Please utilise our drop down menu to select your mirror / mirrors.